super fun 21 vs blackjack

In Super Fun 21, a players blackjack (aka a 2-card 21) always defeats a Dealers blackjack, the Dealer always stands on 17 (soft or hard and it features bonus games for european online casinos list better payouts.
However, some conventional rules associated with the traditional blackjack are also applicable in europa online casino deutschland Super Fun.
If the total sum of players hand exceeds 21, it is considered busted and the dealer wins the game.
In the stated exception, the payout is 2-1, and an Insurance bet that wins pays 2-1.A summary of Microgaming and Cryptologic rules is below.Late Surrender is available on this game and may be taken on any number of cards, by taking it however you will lose half your stake.H, h H, h H 10, d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, d3, d2, d3 11 D3 casino online en vivo 2006 D3 D3 D3 D4 D3 D3 D3 D3 D3 12 3 S3 S3 H H 13 S3 S3 S4 S4 S4 H H 14 S4.In Expert mode, you can set it to auto-play which will determine the best way to approach each hand using a customized (by you) strategy table.Unique Rules - Player blackjack pays 1:1 (excluding diamonds bonus Player blackjack beats dealer blackjack, Double on any number of cards, Surrender on any number of cards, Surrender after double down.
An instant 2-1 is paid on a hand where the player gets six or more cards that total exactly.
As late surrender may be taken you should use this option carefully and only take it when good strategy dictates.
Super Fun 21 Blackjack is a another of those rare Blackjack variants that offers players a range of bonuses once you get dealt certain hands combinations.This more than makes up for the edge the casino is giving with the liberal rules variations.Player Blackjack in the suit of Diamonds pays 2-1.The, house Edge of the Super Fun 21 Blackjack game,.94.You can, should you wish, keep on splitting and play up a maximum of four hands.Research yourself at one of our recommended Microgaming casinos today.