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It can take still photos in jpeg format up to 1280 x 960 resolution and supports lesser resolutions suitable for MMS and caller ID photos.
The BlackJack online casino blacklist is a quad band GSM phone that supports the 850/900/1800/1900MHz bands for GSM, gprs and edge.Hence the BlackJack lacks a touch screen, is small and comes bundled with a 3rd party MS Office document viewer since it lacks a native Office suite.If I didn't have fingernails and did a lot of walk n' typing I'd go with the BlackJack.Other Samsung Home Screens included have a scrollable bar at the bottom where you can move through those items.Software We really like Samsung and Cingular's collection of value-added software.The camera records video in 3GP format and you can record without audio if you wish.The handoff between IE and Windows Media Player is generally smooth and fairly fast, but at the end of each segment you must hit the Samsung's back button to go back to the Cingular Video web page to select the next segment to play.Raise the BlackJack's earpiece volume to max and you'll think you've turned speakerphone.Web pages load nearly as quickly as the Dash does over WiFi, and if you're in a 3G Cingular coverage area you probably won't wish for WiFi.The Samsung supports headset/hands-free profiles, DUN (dial up networking serial port, A2DP stereo headset profile and the rarely seen Bluetooth Printing Profile.
On launch, stores have been pushing the 40 Data Connect plan rather than the 20 Smartphone Connect plan (though this is an MS Smartphone) or the 20 Media Max plan.
The keyboard is excellent, though the number keys are a bit eccentric.In the Box, in the box you'll find the phone, two standard Lithium Ion batteries, a charger for the second battery, USB sync cable, charger, software CD with ActiveSync, Outlook 2002 and desktop software such as the notepad sync plugin.Cingular 8525 (Cingular's first 3G Windows Mobile phone).Full episode content rotates once per week and there's one episode of each show available each week.The BlackJack comes with two standard capacity Lithium Ion batteries (no room to fit an extended battery unless they made a bulging rear cover).Buffering is very fast (a second or two) before the segment begins and video quality is sharp- much better than MobiTV.The d-pad and surrounding buttons are another story.However, you can't stretch Cingular Video to full screen mode.Performance: Texas Instruments omap1710 CPU, 220MHz.The phone is sold locked to Cingular which means you'll need to use it with a Cingular SIM.