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Bringing surf, ski and snowboarding together, we might have been born on Australias iconic coastline, but weve made boardsports into a peak to beach adventure into the slot tragamonedas gratis book of ra unknown.
Creating a range of surf gear and surf accessories that put precision into practice, our influence spans the surfing scene, from on-shore surf clothes to competition winning surfboards and longboards.Turning groms into greats with a range of cutting-edge designs, our boardshort blueprint has been making surfing history since we first hit the foam.Designing a selection of clothes, accessories and shoes that dont follow the current of conventional surf trends, our sea and mountain apparel is inspired by todays modern mavericks.From waves to the white stuff.The future of action sports is here, stay high.Working with a creative cross section of industry insiders and professional riders, Quiksilver clothing bridges the gap between fashion and functionality, designing killer carving gear for the tireless barrel chaser.Taking action sports off-course, we represent an international community of wild surf seekers and mountain mavericks, surfing down mountains and conquering the crest of the wave.Keeping things real since 1969, Quiksilver has made searching for that perfect wave into a way of life.Stacked with industry innovation and coastline cool, were more than a bunch of shady beach bums, were born and bred barrel chasers and last lift stop outs always moving in search of the next eureka idea or midnight moment of madness.
Travelling with our powder posse, each new drop is a chance to change the way we ride, learning, innovating and getting stoked on snowboards and skis that are designed for the high.Switching up ski equipment with a sick shoreline edge, our ski clothes and snowboard equipment are inspired by our adrenaline-driven sense of adventure.Coast to coast casuals, translating shoreline style into a collection of coast to coast casuals, Quiksilver is the unofficial outfitter for surfings point break pounders and ocean cool kids.Working to create a selection of technical surfwear, wetsuit options and professional neoprene wetsuit styles that combine our industry know-how with the latest research and innovation, our reputation for quality and expertise has led to a carving culture represented by the worlds best surfers.Turning our pipe dreams into tidal techniques, were the surf brand that brought you the Vee waist and the snowboard brand that turned up the heat on freestyle fashion.Moving from the beach to the worlds highest peaks, we were the first kids to conquer the snowboard scene.The only snowboard brand and ski brand to feature shady styles built for the brave, Quiksilver snowboard clothes and snowboard decks deliver on both precision and pop power, offering our snow surfers the radical research and cutting edge tech they need to touch the sky.Inspired by high ideas and competition carving, Quiksilver surf gear is the difference between winning and wipe outs.