play black jack en python

Current hand: s Score: s" (hand1, ore_hand_BJ(hand1) if ore_hand_BJ(hand1) 21: print "Player busts. .
When I find some time, I'll add some.Does not seem to work.Current hand: Ace of Hearts, 4 of Diamonds, 9 of Clubs, Queen of Spades Score: 24 Player busts. .'q showHand c raw_input Dealt Stick Quit: .lower clear if c 'd dealPlayer deckr.I've got to get some work done now.Append(rc(cards) pbust False # juegos gratis de casino tragamonedas cinco tambores player busted flag cbust False # computer busted flag while True: # loop for the player's play.
Hit Enter # else: # print "Invalid choice." #print #print "Wins, player d computer d" (pwin, cwin) # exit raw_input Press Enter (q to quit .lower # if 'q' in exit: # break # print # # print "Thanks for playing blackjack with the computer!" Dec 20 '08 # 14 reply Expert Mod.5K P: 2,851 bvdet imran akhtar, I have merged the three threads you started on blackjack.
N" names number k_number How many players? ."n ay again k_yes_no nDo you want to play again?: main raw_input nnPress the enter key to exit.Dec 20 '08 # 13 reply P: 64 imran akhtar bascially i have black jack, which works, fine, but how do get the Aces count as 1.Player 1 Hand: 2 jugar ruleta europea gratis online of Hearts, Queen of Hearts Player 2 Hand: 2 of Clubs, Jack of Spades Player 1 Score: 12 Player 2 Score: 12 Dealer took a HIT. .Score: 20 to 20 Player 1 Hand: 6 of Clubs, 8 blackjack film clue of Spades Player 2 Hand: 3 of Spades, 8 of Diamonds Player 1 Score: 14 Player 2 Score: 11 Dealer took a HIT. .