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Thus, by launching this portal now, Yahoo becomes well positioned to enter the pay-to-win online poker market should states ultimately deem Texas Hold'em to be a legal game of skill.
Marc Edelman of, forbes, the site could be positioning itself for the online poker market as it opens up on a state-by-state basis.
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It is not surprising that Yahoo would launch a Texas Hold'em portal based on the growing interest in online poker, especially among the young-adult male demographic.
In some ways, it is not surprising to see Yahoo move further in the direction of online gaming, as Yahoo has already built a strong following through monetizing its fantasy football and fantasy basketball games.
Players online casino for free 480 games blackjack can spend money to purchase millions in play money chips that they can bring to the tables.Images can be found in the following Gallery Collections (Direct Links) Scenic Collection Assorted Scenic Collection Washington DC (5 Galleries) Hollywood Assorted LA LA Architecture Public Art (6 Galleries) Grand Tetons Yellowstone Geothermal Scenery (6 Galleries) Hawaiian Scenery San Francisco Northern CA Scenery Insect Macros.The Hollywood and Assorted LA page contains images of the Hollywood Sign, three of Sid Graumans historic theaters on Hollywood Boulevard, the new face of Hollywood and Highland, two famous props.Universal Studios Hollywood (the Spinosaurus and the Terminator the Witch House and ONeill House in Beverly Hills, the famous Venice Canals, and a few assorted images from Los Angeles, California.Texas Hold'em portal on its website.Posted on November 3rd, 2014.Yahoo also could apply for licenses to operate their online casino with cash prizes in the limited number of states that have already legalized online casino gaming, such as Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.But if Edelmans speculation is correct, Yahoo would certainly be the kind of major media company that could shake up the online poker marketplace.The index page is an Overview with sample images from each of the five section pages followed by a display composite which links to the relevant page.The Scenic Potpourri page contains 84 images of sunrises and sunsets, lakes, waterfalls and scenery from Californias Sierras and New Yorks Catskill Mountains, Carmel Mission, Santa Barbara Mission, and the Santa Barbara Presidio, and assorted images from California, Wolfeboro NH, and Vancouver.