mackie onyx blackjack guitar center

High-headroom design with ultra-low noise and vegas blackjack betting distortion.
Specifications, acoustic Performance, free Field Frequency Response: 40 Hz 20 kHz.
Optimally sized inverted dust cap stiffens cone for smooth response.
This intuitive software looks and operates just like an actual mixer, with the ability to pan, solo, mute and control poker slots tips various output levels.Click To Read More About This Product.High Frequency power: 50 watts, 8 omega; load; 100 watts peak.Route any input to any output at any volume and pan orientation.I'm still gonna replace the pup down the road and you guys really have me thinking about using my next "gift to myself" on some recording gear.Tons of boutique-quality pres, unmatched AD/DA conversion and a host of flexible, professional features it's the perfect solution for any studio.Boutique-quality Onyx preamps, great recordings start with high-quality preamps and you will simply not find preamps at this price range better than Blackjack's Onyx preamps.Plus, since Blackbird works as a standalone 8-channel preamp rack, you've got a single-box solution ready for integration into your studio or mobile setup.
So, if you are looking for a new mothership for your studio, or want to expand upon the setup you already have, consider the Onyx Blackbird.
Electronic Crossover Crossover Type: 24dB/octave Crossover Frequency: 3 kHz Sensitivity: 4 dBu at 300 Hz for full output Input Impedance: 20 K omega; Balanced bridging; 10 k omega; unbalanced Equalization Low Frequency EQ: 2 dB/4 dB @ 100 Hz, shelving High Frequency EQ: plusmn;2.Zero-latency tracking of all inputs, quickly set up independent mixes for headphones and more.I'm broke as piss rn and can't put any additional money into it (would have been much nicer to use it as 100 off a guitar).Plus, if you get more preamps later (like another Onyx Blackbird you can simply connect them via Blackbird's integrated 8x8 adat I/O, delivering a full 16-channel 24-bit/96kHz resolution recording solution.Mackie is well known for its mixing desks, several of which are equipped with its respected and high-quality Onyx mic preamps.It not only simplifies the engineer's job, it is powerful, sleek and fun to use.Zero-latency overdubs have never been easier ruleta de la fortuna online new vegas to setup or control.Sleek, ergonomic "Built-Like-A-Tank" desktop design.Two full-blown super channels, even though there's tons of available I/O on Blackbird, the two front-panel "Super Channels" offer extremely useful features, right within your reach.