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Interview/work 44 introduction 34 place OF worship 8 family reunion 5 first date 3 Name something thats hard to find and even harder to keep.
NOT feeling well 43 wedding 28 break-UP 13 funeral 8 havinaby 5 Name someone in a kids life who lets them get away with things their parent wouldnt.
It has 10 cylindrical beads with intricate and diverse patterns, most likely pieces are most likely from Arizona.
Hide AND seek 44 TAG 18 twister 16 limbo 10 Name something that a couple often does once the kids have all moved out.(Also, a very good cure for Pine Ridge, South Dakota insomnia, should you choose to count each one!) These were used by the Native Americans to decorate their moccasins, vests, purses and so forth.Which job would a boy love for his dad to have on take-your-child-to-work day?Theyre rich 56 theyre attractive 25 true love 17 Which places do politicians often say are overcrowded?Ex: Perino End of the Indian Beads page Count.Jacket 46 footwear 20 HAT 19 scarf/TIE 7 belt 5 back to top Answer Set 3 If an Elvis impersonator had a rummage sale what would you expect to find there?This particular strand was (See Lar Hothem's "Ornamental Indian Artifacts page 280) documented as being excavated from mound #32, located on the Calhoon Era: Late Horizon - 500 to 1,500 years old Ranch in Sacramento County, in September, 1938 Click on the Photo set above.Talk 48 EAT 27 kiss 17 sing 5 If a man were intimidated by smart women where would he avoid looking for a date?These are "Indian made used in inter-tribal trade and greatly pre-date the more common European "Trade Beads" Era: Late Period - 3500 years old Ex: McAlexandar Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo Item: Type: Russian Blue Dentalium Necklace Provenance: Price jftb22.Skin deep 30 IN EYE OF beholder 23 IT fades 18 ITS ON THE inside 14 ALL beauty NO brains 8 gets YOU further 3 Name something men probably lie about most.
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Crawling 10 eating 18 smiling 20 talking 37 back to top Answer Set 62 Name something kids start to care more about once theyre teenagers.Junk food 63 stay UP 31 watch TV 3 mess 3 Tell me something that a teenager still needs from their parents.Coat 42 HAT 24 gloves 17 boots 10 scarves 4 sweater 3 Name something parents ask the babysitter when they call to check.Friends 33 older sibling 25 teacher 12 grandparent 10 aunt/uncle 6 What do parents most like to receive from their children?No james bond 007 casino royale online subtitulada matter what your age name something that can make you feel like a kid again.Parent 42 president 19 superhero 15 famous athlete 10 moviestar 5 Name something that siblings accuse one another of hogging.Smoke 48 drink 27 drugs 11 date 7 talk back 4 LIE 3 back to top Answer Set 33 Name an adult that a child might know by name other than parents or relatives.