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The 500Xs.4-liter sohc 16-valve I-4 engine isnt overpowering by any stretch, but its 180 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque are adequate as long as you arent going uphill for long.
It over-responded to quick adjustments, even at moderate speeds.Then again, trips to Vegas are rarely a time to be sensible, so I felt justified.Then it feels like youre towing Liberaces piano.Given its 101.2-inch wheelbase I would have expected a tighter turning radius.With no cell service and no navigation on the car, I opted to play the role of a true adventurer and use a traditional paper map.Fiat shows its Italian flair by naming the flashy orange paint color of our particular 500X with the Italian word for orange.
Either the satellite isnt a Howard Stern fan or the antenna might need a boost or some clever repositioning.Unfortunately for me, it had been a long time since Id read one.Long-Term, rolling through the desert to Sin City and back.Unfortunately, as aging showgirls in heavy stage makeup know, sometimes things are not as they appear.So I guess the old adage is right: What happens there stays.In a brazen moment, I managed to push the speedometer to 115 mph, but like waking up next to a complete stranger you married at Cupids Drive-Thru Chapel the night before, it felt plenty uncomfortable.Visibility was good, and the backup camera and Fiats ParkSense rear parking-assist feature made squeezing the 168.2-inch long clown car into spots others would shy away from.No, monopoly slots cheats rar hes not headlining the.m.