blackjack game java source code

Exit(0 java loops blackjack up vote 3 down vote, this expression: if (playAgain "y will never be true, because the operator is only true if both operands are the same object.
The best code doesn't need comments.
Excessive comments, do these comments add anything new that isn't clear already?Surrender - Player surrenders from the game and lose half of the bet.Xml file, from command line: ant jar, usage: Once the JAR file is built, you can run the code by invoking: java -jar BlackJack.Casino-player follows simple "stand on 17" rule.Make everything final that doesn't need to change or doesn't make sense to ever change.Requirements: JDK.6 or higher, installation: Download and unpack the source code to the download folder.Build the JAR file by invoking the following command in the installation folder,.g.This practice can help you spot some design bugs.
In Eclipse the keyboard shortcut is Control-Shift-f).
These variables are good candidates for enums: private online blackjack uk xem static String ranks private static String suits Like this: enum Suit Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades.There is a setValue method, which you don't need either.public class BlackjackGame public static void main(String args) String anotherCard, playAgain "y ctn; int nextCard, card1, card2, dCard1, dCard2; int cardTotal 0, dTotal 0; Scanner keyboard new Scanner Random random new Random / Begin dealing the players first two cards while (playAgain "y /dealers first.Draw(draw paint / deal out two cards each, shuffling if too few cards private void deal AY set set if (deck null ze 15) deck new Deck uffle tText Shuffling hit(gambler hit(dealer nceal / hide the dealer's first card hit(gambler hit(dealer / who won?Below is the syntax highlighted version.Two 7s, or a King and a 10 (They both have value of 10 then it is possible to create two separate hands out of this one, deal one card to each one of them.