black jack games 1979

Thoro Bred, 2/65, 2 juegos que hay en un casino casinos com player, 1750 produced, first Gottlieb game with play online casino usa real money "shoot again" feature.
Knock Out*, 12/50, 3000 produced, A, 2 kick-out holes, mechanical animation on the playfield of two boxers and a referee.Much of this information is based on my experience, and info from other collectors (Richard Lawnhurst).4 Horsemen, 9/50, 1800 produced, B, blocking gate (safety gate) between flippers.Change of flipper mechs to a linear 3-bearing style (though the "old style" mechs were still sometimes used for upper flippers).Gemini, 10/78, 2 player.At least the first three games (and maybe more) in this series were originally sold with 1 1/8" balls (but for restoration purposes, these games should use 1 1/16" balls).Frontiersman, 11/55, 1000 produced, B, 1 gobble hole, the last Gottlieb with wooden legs, carry over replay feature, can win up to 10 credits.Surfer, 10/76, 2 player version of Surf Champ.The Black Hole, on a level of strict optics, is even better than I remember.
Start of games with end-of-ball bonus count down feature.
There are many parallels between the two films, most of which involve the looming influence of a far superior work, 2001: A Space Odyssey.Flipper Clown, 3/62, 1550 produced, Add-a-Ball, NO gobble holes, roto-target.V.I.N.cent, for fucks sake, cites Cicero by name.Mayfair, 6/66, 2 player, 2120 produced, swinging target, 2 slot kickers aimed at swinging target (this whole concept was stolen from Williams).Flying High, 2/53, 1400 produced, B, 8 trap holes.This large real-estate playfield device makes long shots nearly impossible.Jockey Club, 4/54, 1150 produced, B, 5 gobble holes.Solidstate games started showing up about 1977 (all pinballs before 1977 will be EM machines, with the last EM pinballs made in 1979).For contrast, check out these popular 1970s Williams Bally pinballs.King Kool, 7/72, 4 player.