best slots for crafted gear wod

Yep, lots of new and savage skins for the older families #teamsavage ( Muffinus ) Monk ( Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator ) will improved guard mean i can do it twice every min, or twice every 30 secs?
( WatcherDev ) Why not skeleton all the time, like being a goblin (while in cat form) in that scenario?
Celestalon hunter forums skills / WoD Talent Calculator ).Yup, these are the three new hunter families (with tons of additions to older families) ( Muffinus ).Still no clefthoof/talbuk though, considering it for the future, we'll see how things shake out during beta.(Like how Roll works) ( Celestalon ) Paladin ( Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator ) Divine Purpose, while a fun, doesnt compete with the other talents in the tier.( WatcherDev ) Will pre-WoD items retain their current sockets?Or is WoD ilvl drops still say "606" for example?Use Noggenfogger, turn into skeleton.Similar to gateway in situational strength.( WatcherDev ) Will all existing reforges revert to original stats.0?( Celestalon ) any plans to buff juegos online de ruleta ele single target in wod since our cleave got nerfed also searing totem is boring when is that being removed Yes.Balancing/tuning talents like that will come much later in the process.Any chance it'll be improved or made baseline?Still 30sec recharge time, just let's you pool up to 2 charges.
( Celestalon ) PvE do you feel the SoO meta and drake mount reward worked well?Recharge time 15 or 30sec per charge?Classes, what about Gorefiend's Grasp?Rather have it be powerful on one hand than on 2, but weak on 1 so to speak.Celestalon death Knight forums skills woD Talent Calculator ) dk horn runic power gain plugs a hole in dk rotation to stop being rune locked.( Muffinus ) the new beast models look really, really cool, are the hippo's considered 'riverbeasts' for taming?( WatcherDev ) hello.( WatcherDev ) Will some encounters be altered.0 release patch that require interrupts?