beat blackjack without card counting

Although it comes free with our software, you can download it here and review it separately.
I think in the real world, a good Hi-Lo player would outperform the unbalanced running count players more than these sim results indicate.
I believe I actually first heard of this technique being used by players who did it with Wongs Halves Count.
I certainly dont want to push new players away from Knock Out Blackjack and into the arms of one of the con-man books out there.I called Anthony Curtis, who was distributing the KO book through Huntington Press (now publisher of the second edition) and told Curtis that online game casino book of ra I thought the authors may have jerry-rigged the sims to make KO appear stronger than it actually was.Some Red Seven players may regret that he did not run risk adjusted sims on the full range of rule sets that he did for Hi-Lo and.Blackjack Forum Professional Gambling Library, the largest source of honest professional blackjack, poker and online gambling information on the Web.Overall, as we would expect, the risk-adjusted comparisons do show Hi-Lo (accurately used) to be the stronger counting system.All programs compatible with Windows Vista.Editor's note: This is a technical article on how to best evaluate card counting systems.
Two new modes include Count and Index, where you can fully specify the system parameters, including card values, bet ramp, index values, insurance juegos de tragamonedas online xo numbers, and IRC.Note that in the single and double deck games, Auston did not provide sim data for a 1-5 spread, so I used his data for 1-4 in single deck, and 1-6 in double.But look what happens when we go.5 decks dealt out (91.67 penetration).We are committed to helping advantage gamblers, both novices and experts, excel at the game.The KO counting system is actually very easy to use and very strong.You can even play for real money but mind your local regulations.The system is good.Optimizing system performance to obtain the highest percent advantage for each system does not ensure that all systems being so compared are playing with the same level of risk.Our range of software gambling casino online odds products have friendly, fun training tools and complete tutorials to help you learn Basic Strategy and Card Counting techniques.Knock-Out Blackjack by Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs.