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The Musnad of al-'Imm Ahmad ibn Hanbal is the best evidence proving the presence of great differences among the Sunnis concerning this issue, as some of them deem it betting casino online legal lawful, heeding in this regard to the Messenger's precepts, while some others deeming it harm (unlawful).
But those believing in this proof agree with the Shi'ah in their claim, and will be verily a hujjah against their brethren from among Ahl al-Sunnah.
In his famous Tafsir (exegesis) he cited for its (mut'ah) lawfulness the verse: ".This is mut'ah with all its conditions and limits, which can certainly never be like fornication, as claimed by some people.And strip blackjack games geeky as such of them ye had mut'ah with them (marrying them give them their dowries as a fixed reward." 255.Click on the buttons below to find out more: Who we are m is the fastest growing online poker site in the industry, with thousands of members across the world playing at any given time.This belief (held by the Shi'ah) was pursued also by some Sunni 'ulam of whom I refer to the eminent Tunisian scholar, the leader of the Zaytunah Mosque al-Shaykh al-Thir ibn 'Ashur (may God's mercy be upon him).Double your money Play with up to 400 bonus.
Then the questioner said to him: But your father has forbidden it?
Also Jbir ibn 'Abd Allh al-'Ansari so explicitly says: We used to consummate temporary marriage (mut'ah) with (only) a handful of dates and flour during the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah (S and era of Abu Bakr, until it was forbidden by 'Umar.
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