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I have had the pleasure of visiting Austria and Hungary nearly every year for some years past, and I have always said that the friendliness and hospitality of the Austrians and Hungarians as I have known them in times of peace could not be improved.
I found an energetic working staff from.
If the men are growling and grumbling at everything that goes wrong, then everything does seem to go wrong; but the note of cheerfulness which I found throughout the entire Austrian army does much toward starting things on the right road to success.
Galloping aides still carry messages, balloons are still used for artillery-fire control, and the cavalry is still a factor in the fight.They both go about the business of killing each other as a disagreeable, temporary incident that must be attended to for the good of their respective countries, but they go about it with no rancor whatever in their minds.I have received the English and American newspapers regularly during the time I have been with the German and Austro-Hungarian forces, and have been surprised at the misconception which seems to prevail regarding the determination on the part of the Austrian and Hungarian people.Archduke Frederick on the same day of my arrival at the great headquarters, and he did Captain Graham and myself the honor of inviting us to dinner the same evening.The sights I saw along the line of march would be unbelievable in time of peace, but in time of war one becomes accustomed both to suffering, and seeing others suffer.He is a man of great strength and of many followers.War has that effect on some men always, but here it seemed to have that effect on the whole army.Actually many die on the road, and many is the hasty grave dug beside the Carpathian roads, where the strain has been too great and the life was snuffed out.Somehow, these few deaths seem even more pitiful than the thousands who fall in battle.On an improvised board he had written the various Chinese numeral characters, and their equivalent in Roman numbers.I personally know many influential men of both Austria and Hungary, and I have friendships among them that inspire confidence, and I believe that I do not exaggerate in the least when I say that the dual monarchy is an absolute unit for the continuance.
We had interrupted him in the midst of what I afterward found to be an important movement of troops, and yet he had time to devote to the moment of bidding us welcome.Up to this time she has been waging a defensive campaign, although it must be remembered that that does not necessarily mean a stationary defense, for the first principle of defense is to attack and advance whenever it is possible.The only satisfaction the supporters of the Austrian cause can derive out of the very difficult situation which they now face is that it is even a little more difficult for the advancing enemy.The Carpathian Mountains have been the great natural barrier which has made it possible for Austria to hold back the Russian horde, just as the Danube and the Save Rivers have prevented any possible invasion from the south.At the present online free blackjack espanol multijugador time he is a hard-working officer with the rank of colonel on Archduke Frederick's staff.